Roddy Ricch Honors Nipsey Hussle With New Pendant

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Rest easy, Neighborhood Nip.

Nipsey Hussle’s tragic murder left a suffocating void in the music world and the lives of his family, loved ones, friends, ardent supporters, and awe-inspired peers. In just 33-years of life, Nipsey wrote the blueprint for being one’s boss, for educating those with limited access on how to accumulate wealth; he paved the way for so many, in so many ways. 

Similar to Kobe Bryant, Nipsey’s legacy will last forever not only for what he accomplished personally, but for the tools he provided the younger generations — and his contemporaries — on finding their own prosperity. One of those fortunate individuals who was able to drink directly from the faucet of Nipsey’s wisdom is one of today’s biggest stars, Roddy Ricch. They collaborated on one of Nip’s last songs, “Racks In The Middle.”

The two gave each other assists, as Roddy helped Neighborhood Nip achieve his first gilded gramophone in Best Rap Performance at the 62nd annual Grammys. Nipsey Hussle put Roddy on limitless game, helping shape his own star-studded career.

To properly commemorate their friendship, mentorship, and what he meant to the young Compton artist, Roddy recently showed off a frosted pendant honoring the late rapper. Held up by multiple tennis chains, the pendant shows a thorn-encrusted picture of Nipsey staring off into the distance, likening the transcendent artist, activist, and philanthropist to Jesus Christ.

Roddy has been inordinately outspoken about his praise for Nipsey, saying that he directly assisted in him musical and personal development. With Roddy’s new chain, Nip will forever be enshrined to the “The Box” rapper; he will forever be an accessory to his continued success.

Check out a picture of Roddy’s chain below: