Weekly News Wrap Up: Swizz Beatz Epic New Movie,Chamillionaire + Paul Wall Reunite & Announce Tour & Jay-Z Suing Over “J Hotel”?

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Swizzy been making moves lately, most recently producing a Haiti charity song featuring Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono of U2 and The Edge, but the producer is also now stepping into the film world.

Swizz spoke with MTV about his latest venture explaining that the project is so major it gives him chills.

“It’s so major. It gives me chills. Just … I can’t [reveal more details]. That one is so big. I need the ink to dry.”

The one man band man is also claiming that it’s going to be bigger than Avatar, which is now the highest grossing movie of all time. He says:

“I’m working on scoring a movie bigger than Avatar. It’s life-changing to the world. The message is life-changing. The concept is life-changing. The sound is gonna be life-changing. This is another thing that put me in a zone to step my whole game up. I can’t be involved in these major projects with a sound that’s not justifying why I’m on those projects.”

“It’s forcing me to take everything to the next level. Even though my mind was already there, God just blessed me with a gift to go with that. It’s like training in the gym. You’re training for a fight or you’re training to be in shape. There’s a goal in why you’re training. Musically, while I’m training myself, I have goals. My goal is to make the sound for this movie as big as the movie. … Matter of fact, bigger than the movie. I want this sound that me and the director, what we’re connecting with, to be the driving force of the movie. When people hear this sound, they think of the movie and it puts them in a positive zone. It’s a real big responsibility, and it’s about discipline. 2010 equals positive energy. The discipline of having positive energy is very hard — especially when you live in a negative world.”

No further details on what exactly Swizz is cooking up, but we’ll see if it’s as epic as he’s portraying it to be…




Former Houston rivals in rhyme, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall have let the past go and have announced that they are starting a joint tour.

Chamillionaire has seen several setbacks with his new album, but isn’t letting that put a stop to his hustle and dropped his Major Pain mixtape today. He decided to drop a mixtape to remind people why he got a deal in the first place and explains:

“I felt it was time to take it back to the original grind that made these major companies pay attention in the first place. I don’t think there is any reason why any artist with real knowledge of independent hustle, should sit and wait for any major system to work for them, But, because I am signed to a major recording label, there are still a lot of things that I would like to be able to do, that I’m not really allowed to do. Politics in this business often stand between a creative mind and the grind but I’m gonna try my best to feed my fans without getting into too much trouble.”

The tour with Paul Wall is set to kick off in Austin, Texas annual SXSW festival on March 17th. The two are set to make stops in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Albuquerque, Boise, Ohio and more. Cham says of the tour:

“The lack of marketing and promo budgets in a weak economy isn’t gonna keep me from touring to different cities and releasing music to fans that still demand it. That’s why I decided to start the Major Pain series and tour with Paul. It’s what the fans want.”

Make sure you download Major Pain on Chamillionaire.com and also make sure you check out this new Paul Wall track featuring Devin The Dude, “Smoke Weed Everyday”. Something relaxing to roll up to.


Usually rappers are the ones that get sued, but as we all know Jay-Z is no ordinary rapper. Hov filed a federal lawsuit against Highland Capital Management claiming that the firm tried to “bleed funds” from him and his two business associates.

Court documents show that Jay took out a $52 million loan from Highland Capital Management to put towards his luxury “J Hotel“, which he planned to open in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

But due to the economy basically collapsing last year the plans were put on hold. Jay and his partners decided to reconfigure the loan with Highland, but the firm allegedly were deliberate in making the loan a long drawn out process that ended up costing Jay over $20,000 a day.

Hov is seeking $3.7 million in damages from the firm, which Highland feels is “meritless” and has plans to “vigorously defend itself” in the lawsuit.

This hotel thing was actually a good idea on Jay’s part and could have started a whole new entrepreneurial trend with rap’s most elite business men, but business is business and it’s not always as easy as it sounds or looks on paper…