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Baby and Weezy must have finally figured out how much all these copyright infringements and missed shows have cost them as these past couple of weeks they have been filing a couple of suits of their own. Yesterday we reported on the mixtape drama CLICK HERE TO READ, which DJ Drama has now insisted is not about Lil Wayne vs DJ Drama, which I do believe as those guys are pretty tight (no homo) although money talks a great deal and I remember back in the day when all the Gillie/Wayne beef Cash Money paid Drama off to avoid a Gillie Gangster Grillz..like I said back in the days.
But anyhow Weezy is also facing off against the production company QDIII, headed up by the son of legendary music exec Quincey Jones, due to failing to oblige to terms of the contract drawn up over The Carter documentary which aired at this years Sundance Film Festival. Weezy insists that he didn’t view or sign off on the final cut and is upset because it shows him in a negative light. Would he still be feeling the same way if the documentary went on to be a box office hit I wonder. I just can’t help thinking these dudes are banking their chips now knowing that this ‘rocker’ image just isn’t going to pay off for Weezy, gotta make your money somehow right?


  1. Yo as the true mc’s in the underground say. lack of funds always reinforces passion. mainstream niggaz all at each other throughs over money and royalties. FUCK KANYE ,FUCK WEEZY and FUCK THEM MAINSTREEM CATS BEATIN UP HIP HOP. yo i say u battle weezy on SCRIBBLE JAM.

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