What Exactly Is Rick Ross Doing?

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To be honest, Rick Ross is such a great artist I have been a little scared about my past bashes of his Maybach Music Group.  I’m scared he is going to take all these tax write off artists, mix them with some of that cinematic Rick Ross production, and create some nifty rap tunes.

However, it was revealed today that your boy Rosé has signed Stalley.  Who is Stalley?  Just some hobby rapper that has gotten on blogs because he knows the right people, and has been loitering around Dame Dash’s failing hippy den.  The point isn’t that Ross signed Stalley, the point is I’m just getting the vibe Ross doesn’t even care.  So as of right now the MMG roster consists of Rick Ross, Gunplay, Torch, Young Breed, Wale, Meek Mill, Magazeen, Pill, Masspike Miles, Stalley & Teedra Moses.  I don’t care if you are the biggest Rick Ross fan on the planet.  You can’t honestly sit there and tell me Rick Ross can make all of these artists pop.  It’s not happening.  I’m sorry.  There are only so many slots in the relevancy department, and there is no way MMG is gunna get to hold that many spots.

Plus we live in an era where people don’t really respect artists who pop off under other rappers.  I know people would potentially disagree with me on this point, but us fans have a tendency to respect the rapper who is “the man”.  Not the rapper who is down with “the man”.  For example, most the rappers on that roster probably have to tell girls that they are down with Rick Ross.  Young Breed ain’t getting a$$ simply for being Young Breed.

The true travesty of this whole MMG fiasco is that Rick Ross has been occupied with other stuff besides making Rick Ross music.  He has been so preoccupied with his “movement” that he has just been making the same records over again, making weak sauce posse records, and most importantly his video swag is no longer on 100,000%.  I just want it to go back to the good old days when Ross would establish his snacking dominance on private jets in viral videos.  I put you in #TheCircleOfBosses Rosé.  Don’t let me down!


  1. yeah i agree plus STalley is nice. U cant knock a person for getting a deal, i personally thought he would go to a label wit more of a consence appeal.

  2. Right on! Blogger.
    That's what I see that happens all the time.
    If the saucepan is filled to the rim, the Soup will fall.
    A good Chef, Knows to keep ample amount of room in the container to stir the stew.
    To many people on any crew, cause the other artists to become lazy..

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