When Basic People Complain About Being Basic…

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How is this chick surprised that a thirsty publication like Vibe might twist her words around?  It’s part of the game, and if she hasn’t figured that out that yet that just makes her stupid.  How has she not realized that the only story involving her worth publishing is how she is that stripper chick that bangs rappers.  Does she honestly think that us f*ck boy bloggers and media types are going to wake up one day, and think to ourselves “that Amber Rose, I bet she has some redeeming qualities.  I gotta get to the bottom of that story“.  That’s not going to happen.  You live by the sword you die by the sword.  And by sword I mean notable penis.

I wonder if the interview in which Vibe “twisted” her words happened before or after they took pictures of her simulating fellatio. Did she honestly think that Vibe was going to make her look fancy or something after they took pics of her blowing a Popsicle?

If Vibe is straight up publishing quotes she didn’t say that’s obviously whack.  However this chick needs publications like Vibe.  Because really the only difference between Amber Rose and all the other basic broads out there is that Amber puts famous dick in her mouth, and publications like Vibe give her magazine covers for it.  So at the end of the day I don’t know what this chick is complaining about.

Update:  Bucky from AnimalNY actually did some investigative journalism, and may have found the quote from the article that pissed her off so much:

The high-profile relationship took a turn in Hawaii during Kanye’s recording sessions for his cathartic fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West Booked an entire Honolulu studio indefinitely for 24-hour slots while a cast of artists joined him for long days of business. Rose allegedly didn’t take to the all-work, no-play atmosphere. “In Hawaii [Amber] was being obnoxious in the studio like, ‘What the fuck? I wanna fucking eat,’” says an anonymous source. “Kanye got so mad because here he is trying to record and she keeps talking about, ‘Let’s go back to the house, I wanna fuck. We haven’t fucked in two days.’ I left the room for 10 minutes and when I came back he [told her], ‘Yo get the fuck up out of here!’ She left the room crying.

I kind of understand why Amber is a little pissed now.  Pretty much Vibe is on that Media Takeout wave and siting anonymous sources.  That being said I kind of completely believe the quote.






  1. That Is true Every time Something happens with amber this nigga makes sure he post it with the quickness

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