“When People Say How Do You Go From Kanye To Wiz Khalifa, That’s A Downgrade…I Did Not Downgrade At All. Not In Any Aspect”

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Shots fired by Amber Rose!  Haha.  The best part of the interview is where she is looking for sympathy on why people think she might be a whore.  Maybe it’s because you are naked on the cover of magazines like the illustrious publication, King.  She just doesn’t get it.  However she is blogger fuel so shouts to her for that.  She told King:

What’s the difference between this relationship with Wiz and your last with Kanye?

The thing of it is…how can I say this without sounding crazy or mean? I’m sorry.

No need to apologize, the floor is yours.

There’s no comparison in personalities. You know when people say how do you go from Kanye to Wiz Khalifa, that’s a downgrade. But the only question I can ask them is: have you ever dated Kanye? Because I have, and believe me, I did not downgrade at all. Not in any aspect, at all.

What do you think is the perception of Amber Rose?

I spoke to people, asking why do I constantly get ridiculed. Is it because I was a stripper?

Well that doesn’t help that perception much.

But they said, “No, people don’t care about that, it’s that they think that you’re with all these men, when you’re not.” I’m only taking that from certain people that I spoke to. Maybe it’s that too, or that I’m very comfortable with my body. I can be topless on Miami Beach, that doesn’t make me a whore. That’s an everyday thing on Miami Beach. It’s just such a big deal because I’m in the public eye



  1. She down-grades herself every time she expects to be taken serious while she stands around half naked. Absolutely piss poor woman. Bad body don't make a good woman. Real talk.

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