Who’s Really Moving Weight?

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You may recall that recently I penned an editorial on the best crack-cooking rappers of all time.  It should be noted that all of the eight acts mentioned on the list claim to be from the streets and have lyrics referencing how they’ve extensively moved kilos of blow.  Often times such rappers will allege that other rappers are lying about their drug dealing tales, asserting that they are the ones who are actually hustling.


So how much street cred do you need to actually distribute large quantities of that white?  Apparently not a lot, considering five Ivy League frat boys were recently nabbed for an elaborate drug ring run on Columbia University’s campus.  CBS reports, “Christopher Coles, Harrison David, Adam Klein, Jose Stephen Perez and Michael Wymbs were arrested at dawn on Tuesday at the prestigious school in upper Manhattan, in what authorities have called one of the largest drug takedowns on a New York City college campus in recent memory.”  Authorities lay claim that the abovementioned students sold $11,000 worth of Cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana, and various pills to undercover officers over the course of several months.  According to reports, each student worked independently of one another and specialized in a different narcotic.  One of their suppliers was also arrested and faces additional charges for offering an undercover cop compensation for torturing a customer who owed him money.


When we listen to songs in which rappers say they have sold drugs (or currently are) or claim that other rappers aren’t holding down their block, there’s a certain realm of fantasy that becomes skewed, as many take these lyrics as actuality.  However, real kingpins aren’t going on record to brag about their financial gains from drug cartels.  They have become successful in the game from remaining low-key and street smart.   Ask yourself this; based on the way these suburbanites [un]successfully orchestrated a crack house from within a frat house, should you be impressed with rappers such as Rick Ross or Young Jeezy’s claims of pitching rocks in the hood?



  1. Shout out to CCNY my Aluma Mater and my 2nd Aluma mater Columbia. They act like kids in Columbia havent been singling rocks for years. It was there where i first tried lsd and coke

  2. That last paragraph was the truth. There are two types of dealers: dealers who want to get paid and dealers who want to be popular. I'm not saying popularity is forgoing wealth but rather their main objective is recognition and notoriety. You rarely, if ever hear or see those individuals/groups in the background that completely control the trade and funds. Tupac said it best, “Fuck all that small time nickel and dime shit, if you're gonna do it…….do it.”

  3. So funny when u hear niggaz speak on the dope game as though there iz still a game to be played. These white niggaz r just like every other white t wearing nigga on the street corner. They sell drugs to EACH OTHER and dont know sh!t about markets, territory. expansion… thats why whites dont fuck with coke no more. They smoke pills; lettin that shit melt on foil than smokin the vapors with a straw. These new feinds are pill head whites and hispanics, if u aint movin oxy, percocet, ambien, etc.. as well as dat meth and that hard, u aint sh!t.

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