Who Is Captain Murphy?

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Earlier this week a new Flying Lotus song called “Between Friends” surfaced that featured verses from Earl Sweatshirt and an unknown artist by the name of “Captain Murphy.” Yesterday, FlyLo took to his twitter to share another Captain Murphy song, entitled “Mighty Morphin Foreskin” (see above). Seeing that Murphy was virtually unknown before, many are skeptical that he even exists. On top of that, many have speculated that Captain Murphy is either Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, FlyLo, or some combination of the three. FlyLo tweeted to followers last night in an attempt to dismiss these rumors:



Even then, I’m not necessarily buying it. You don’t just come out of the blue and make your public debut by jumping on a track with Earl Sweatshirt and Flying Lotus. This also wouldn’t be the first time the OF camp has trolled the internet with a fake artist. Last year Tyler claimed that he had signed a new artist to OF that went by the name “Young N*gga.” After releasing the track “Come Threw Looking Clean,”  it was revealed that Young N*gga was in fact Tyler, the Creator in disguise. Could Murphy be the same case?

Murphy’s twitter doesn’t offer any information either, forcing us to speculate until someone confirms who Captain Murphy really is.