Who is Deelishis’ Baby Daddy?

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By:  Dee
      Since the final episode of "Flavor of Love 2" aired the internet has been abuzz over who the father of Deelishis’ child was.  No one cared about London Charles/Deelishis’ baby daddy until she said on the last show that he had  "money on top of money on top of money".  After that, she had all of America wondering if she was a a rapper, maybe an athlete, a radio personality, something.  Well, wonder no more, according to a radio interview with Deelishis, his name is Jim Colmer and he’s not a celebrity, just some alleged rich guy.  I’m kinda disappointed, I really wanted it to be somebody famous, then there would be more to talk about…


  1. I think that de really likes flav but i feel that she has another plan. I see she only likes peeps with money so you do the math.

  2. I think that dee is really feeling him and wants him in her life and being a good stepfarther to dee’s daughter.so dee go do ur thing cause u doin it right.

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