Who Took Away Diddy’s Ciroc???

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So…Diddy, the ‘king of Ciroc’ is getting in trouble over trying to bring too much of the fancy stuff through customs. Reportedly, he told his entourage to bring a few cases of Ciroc with them through French customs at Nice’s Cote d’Azur airpot, while on their way to visit Diddy at the Riviera. You know, for his various appearances at St. Tropez clubs and such.

So Diddy was not even with his cronies at the airport when they got busted for carrying EIGHTY bottles of Ciroc, as opposed to the 1 bottle of spirits that most people are permitted. The customs people at Nice seized a large amount of their Ciroc cache, but Diddy, undaunted, still partied with Ciroc in hand shortly after the incident at a club in Cannes.

SO. My big question here is… Why is Diddy, who is a) Rolling in ca$h b) clutching a bottle of Ciroc to his chest in every photo, EVER and c) oh yes, in a $100 million dollar promo deal with Ciroc, looking for a way to bring cut price Ciroc into the country? Surely the brand might give him a bottle of coconut Ciroc here and there. Plus Diddy can afford bottle service!! Guess some guys just love a good deal. Spotted at the BB.



  1. My big question here is… Why is Diddy …looking for a way to bring cut price Ciroc into the country?

    Because any publicity is good publicity.  Just another way to advertise the brand.  I am sure Diddy is getting paid everytime CIROC and his name are mentioned together.

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