Why It’s Deeper Than Just ASAP Rocky…

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Not sure how many of you guys are aware but it appears as if there is a new golden child of the internet rap world.  That person is ASAP Rocky a rapper from Harlem who has mainly gained awareness through two Clams Casino Ty$ produced songs “Purple Swag” & “Peso“.

Personally I think the kid is awesome thus far.  I have been complaining about how weak sauce the rap scene in NYC is for a minute.  So it’s exciting to see a young rapper in New York do something cool for once that young people can actually relate to.  The other thing that is interesting is that ASAP doesn’t really have an atypical New York rap sound.  Which is great.  Sorry to the old head industry purists who are f*cking the game up right now, but that boom bap sh*t just ain’t the wave these days.

ASAP almost sounds like a southern artist.  Which makes perfect sense.  He is young.  Rap has been dominated by southern style music for the past 5 years.  So guess what style of rap is going to  influence young people?  Don’t get it twisted.  ASAP Rocky is not just swagger jacking the south.  His go to producer is from New Jersey and the kid is reeking of Harlem swag.  That’s what makes him dope.  This kid is a trendsetter.  Watch him sell some Blackscale clothes.  Watch him get kids drinking 40’s again.  Watch him get people in NYC rocking braids and gold teeth.  It’s been awhile since a new rapper in NYC actually influenced the style/swag of NYC.  It’s deeper than ASAP Rocky.  It’s youth culture!

That has inherantly been the problem with the rap scene in NYC.  There is too much industry.  Too may old f*cks in positions of power who are completley oblivous to the realities of youth culture, and too fancy to actually put their boots on the ground to experience it.  Too many peoples egos need massaging.  Too many things happening as favors as opposed to because someone deserves a look.  ASAP represents a changing of the guard if you will.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  #YoungBoySwag #LetTheseYoungBoysCook

Edit: Someone in the comments just challenged that Clams Casino produced “Purple Swag” & “Peso”.  While that has been reported in various places on the internet it is the internet, so I can’t state that Clam produced the songs as a fact.


  1. clams did wassup and some other songs on his forthcoming mixtape

    Purple swag and Peso are both produced by 17 year old ASAP Ty Beats

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