Why Kanye West Interviews Are The Best Thing Ever

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narcissism still reaching new heights

miss info described the reactions to kanye aptly: what do we expect from someone who has proclaimed ‘i am a god’ on record? this is nothing new, either in hip-hop music or, say, in the history of tyrannical dictators and world-beating generals. hannibal, caesar, machiavelli, george w. and king louis all believed in some way that they had a Divine Right, that their positions of worldly power were proof of their direct pipeline to heavenly authority. kanye belongs to this history of mania. young guns like drake are experimenting with it. sean carter has already accepted his god fantasy as real.

in a recent interview with the BBC’s zane lowe (the ideal sycophant to execute a kanye interview), yeezy explains that he’s already made ‘perfect’ in terms of radio hit records, citing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as flawless. what’s it to a god to make the perfect album? light work.

he goes on to make some michael jackson comparisons, and make some quincy jones shout-outs, and generally big himself up as the greatest rock star in the world. while i may not believe that he’s crafted an album at the level of coltrane’s Love Supreme, stevie’s Innervisions or mj’s Thriller, to a generation of listeners, his claim might stand up to these near-immaculate works. for one, he’s clearly striving to be considered among those greats and has listened to those albums plus about a thousand more notable records of the last 75 years. he knows what Great sounds like. as the homey bwameeks said, he’s in the living room if Great is in the kitchen. he’s Great’s cousin that comes to play video games on weekends. Great still roughs him up on occasion, but has respect for him because his ambition is as undeniable as his ethic. Great might let him marry into the family, off the strength.


  1. If you think that being interviewed drunk is the best way to be interviewed, well then Kanye is just the best interviewee ever.

  2. I have stopped listening to his interviews a long time ago. He’s makes good music, but I really can’t stand him as a person.

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