Wiz & Curren$y Release “Plot Twist” Video

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From their recently-dropped 2009 album.

On February 8th, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y linked-up for their second joint project, 2009–the successor to their decade-old How Fly mixtape. Frequent collaborators and close friends, Wiz and Spitta enjoy the type of chemistry reserved for old friend and kindred spirits; it’s an earned kind of chemistry. Both rising the hip-hop ranks and tax brackets at the same time, these two were forged together in the crucible of poverty and dreams. Now, they can enjoy their W’s by taking a victory lap with 2009.

To arrive at their auspicious posts, it takes more than talent and hard work–it takes an innate connection with humankind to navigate relationships and deals; one’s third eye can never blink. On 2009’s 12th track, “Plot Twist”, Wiz and Curren$y discuss how their astuteness has helped afford them this lavious life that they once could only dream about back when they just had $300 to their names, spoken for by an ounce of Sour Diesel.

Having earned their hip-hop tenure, these two have been around long enough to develop discerning mindsets, allowing them to objectively perceive how they are gems in this game of fool’s gold. Recently, Wiz and Curren$y teamed-up to bring “Plot Twist” by dropping off the hazy black-and-white visual, showcasing the duo facing king kong-sized joints while enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Watch the “Plot Twist” video below: