Wiz Rightfully Sh*ts On Natalie Nunn, Speaks On Current Relationship With Amber Rose & Denies Beef With Tyga

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Wiz and Flex basically sh*t on Natalie Nunn, which I think is fantastic.  Basic b*tches deserve to be treated as such.  I still think it’s weak sauce that he got caught mugging it up with her, but at least he just regulated on her on the radio.

They also speak on Amber Rose, their relationship and how she got to meet his mother at the AFC championship game.

Wiz Khalifa Speaks On Amber Rose & Natalie Nunn With Fuck Flex

The they move on to topics such as his upcoming album and his supposed beef with Tyga.

Wiz Speaks On New Album & Supposed Beef With Tyga

Spotted at Funk Flex.