Would You Pay $600 For This?

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Last year, prolific Hip Hop crew, Hieroglyphics, announced that they had teamed up with WAIL (When Art Imitates Life) to create a revolutionary art series entitled Valley of the Kings.  The series is comprised of 300 canvases personally designed by the crew and infamous graffiti artist Eaz One, who put the finishing touches on each piece.  Valley of the Kings combines traditional art, photography and graphic design to make one innovative series.  What’s even more intriguing is that Valley of Kings is one of the first large-scale art pieces to utilize Chromadepth visual technology.  According to WAIL, “each piece in the series will come packaged with a pair of 3D glasses to allow owners to experience its full range. Each piece will also be signed by various members.”  Due to the Oakland crew’s hectic touring schedule they had to push back the original May release date to today.


WAIL was founded by Sway and King Tech of Wakeup Show/MTV fame and Los Angeles creative force, Scene Four.  In the past, the company has manufactured similar pieces for RZA, DJ Qbert, and Shavo of System Of A Down.  The limited edition Valley of the Kings series is now available.  Pieces range between $300 and $600 depending on the size, which is legit considering estimates were around $4000 before the project was complete…I think the recession may have had something to do with that price decrease.  If you’re a fan of Del, Souls of Mischief, Pep Love and the rest of the gang and want to dish out some cash, I’d say go for it.  For anyone interested check out Valley of the King’s official page.

If you’re a Hiero fan, check out their latest track “Reputation” which you can download or stream…I’m liking the throwback vibe on this one.