Dave Burd (AKA Lil Dicky) Chops It Up With Sway In The Morning

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Dave airs on FXX & Hulu Wednesdays at 10p.

Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, is a prime microcosm of a DIY work ethic. From YouTube star to XXL Freshman, LD has transcended any and all expectations to become an astute lyricist with a comedic flair. But none of this has been an accident; Burd has been plotting his rise since he quit his 9-to-5 to pursue music. Now, the bushy-haired kid from Philadelphia has made the next move in his entertainment career: the auteur behind Dave, the new FXX comedy.

Depicting a fictionalized version of himself and his rap career, Dave documents Lil Dicky’s unlikely ascent through the hip-hop ranks. From rubbing shoulders with YG to getting upstaged by Macklemore, Dave is as self-deprecating as it is funny, suggesting that hip-hop might just be the launching pad for Burd’s entertainment career.

Providing more background on the show and his feelings about it, LD recently stopped by Sway In The Morning to chop it up with the legendary radio host and crew. 

Check out the Dave Burd x Sway interview below: