WTF: Has Kevin Gates Gone Too Far? Shares Photo of His Deceased Grandmother

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Oh boy, Kevin Gates is at it again. The Baton Rogue rapper, who has released a solid amount of quality hip-hop music, is perhaps (and sadly) best known for generating controversy via posting outrageous photos and videos on his personal Instagram account (which you may view here, if you’d like.) And it looks like his latest post is no different.

Recently Gates, who was raised by his grandmother, wanted to share a photo of her as she lay on her deathbed. In the Instagram post Gates’ hand is covering his grandmother’s mouth. “Viewing the body of the woman I called my mama before my show, I’m a miss you I love you forever R.I.P.,” he wrote as the caption.

As you can imagine the photo has left many fans stunned and speechless. But that hasn’t stopped them from chiming in and commenting, leaving their thoughts on his page. Some of his fans have even gone as far as accusing Gates of trying to show off his huge watch, while others felt that it was inappropriate to show his deceased grandmother on Instagram. One Instagram user wrote, “This isn’t appropriate for Instagram. Visiting her body is personal and should be private, not used to get attention. RIP.”

But Gates quickly retorted, posting a video explaining why he posted the photo and the specifics behind why he has his hand covering her mouth. Apparently, the rapper was hiding her broken jaw, which she suffered when they put her in a body bag.

If you’d like, you may view the photo after the jump (we do warn you, it may be a little shocking, so view at your own discretion.)