Wu-Tang Producer Rants On Judge in Courtroom

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Wu-Tang producer and rapper, True Master was arrested for allegedly trying to rape a woman in his apartment on September 12th. His charges included sexual abuse, attempted rape and attempted imprisonment. True Master managed to escape custody between his transfer from court to the department of corrections, but was nabbed five hours later by his apartment. The story got crazier when True Master went to court and started claiming sovereignty as a member of a Wu World Order and ranting about trying to fire the judge…seriously.

“As I told you my nationality and you don’t want to respect me, you don’t think that I have the authority to fire you…”

“Harris also suggested the criminal proceedings against him do not apply to him because he belongs to an alternative social order…’I’m a sovereign national, my whole life. As I said, I have unalienable rights,” Harris said, adding that he’s “not negro, black, colored or African-American…

…You can play if you want to play, but all you’re doing is asking [me] to exercise my authority to have your ass fired,” the artist added before the judge regained control of the hearing.”