Yeezy Co-Signing Kim K?

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According to TMZ Yeezy is going to be the leading man in Kim Khardasian’s upcoming Hype Williams directed video.  You are better than this Yeezy!  I’m sure she is holding Kanye down with some vicious knobs, but he is a legimate artist.  Even though Yeezy does a bunch of crazy stuff, and the end of the day people tend to uniformly respect his artistry.  This Kim K chick baiscially got famous for getting f*cked on film.  While her ability to monetize being proffesionally pretty is impressive, she isn’t a legitimate singer.  Who else remebers the days when you had to be talented to suceed in the music business?   All I know is that Yeezy is better than this.



  1. I think the point is that music has and always was an art form and it is losing its credibility as an art form with stunts like this that are strictly after the bottom line(profit).

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