You Better Work Woman

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‘Woman at Work’ is the aptly titled new EP that is promotional only from Chicago’s Lady of Rap Psalm One.

Signed to Rhymesayers – home of Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Doom, Freeway and others. Psalm has been down with Rhymesayers since 2005. In fact- I remember bumping into JBird at MIDEM when he told me they had signed a female MC. Of course I was super excited. The first full length on Rhymesayers dropped in ’05 called ‘Death of Frequent Flyer’ -received critical acclaim but floated around in obscurity. She toured a bit, moved to San Francisco got down with the Heiroglyphics crew and remained working and collaborating with Casual, and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.

Now back in Chi-Town and excited about her future. She plans on dropping 3 promotional ‘Woman at Work’ EP’s to create the buzz and build up for the as yet untitled 2nd commercial full length available Spring 2011! Expect some great features on this project.. In the meantime- the first ‘Woman at Work’ is available as a free download on Psalm One soon!


I caught up with Psalm on the phone. She wants her fans to know she’s always been ‘at work’- when asked the inspiration behind the title “You see these construction sites saying Men at Work, well I’m a Woman at Work“.

She continues to say “It has been exhilarating and mesmerizing, but these days… it’s more difficult than ever.

I was a chemist when Rhymesayers offered me the deal of a lifetime. I took the deal, and I have no regrets, but I had no idea what I was getting into. I work with some of the best in hip-hop, and they respect me and tell me they are fans of my music, yet when *the* roster is announced, my name usually isn’t on it.
There is a glass ceiling in every realm of life, and I’m working to break through mine. So here I am, a Woman at Work.”

Girl I recognize your struggle! All us women do!

Here’s the first single “Better Than My Last” – let us know what you think!