Young Buck Responds to 50 On New Track: ” My Interview “

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      Here is Young Buck’s response to 50 Cent’s allegations of his drug use and why he was kicked out of G-Unit in a track called “My Interview”:


  1. this shit tuff as heelll!!…this nigga went haard on this track…it reminded me of pac a little something….keep doing u buc….im feelin it

  2. Bucks bout the realiest shit they got at G-Unit yeah 50 gave hm his first shot a got him known but it time to move on my nigga got more and he being held back go to After Math

  3. beg for mercy was a classic joint the three of them niggas put down together 50 just tryin to slow Buck down wit dose drugs man that shit will fuck life up nymeen

  4. A real nigga tried 2 tell u a long time ago bout how five-o get down,wsup Game, this PIRU homie,u deserve 2 get dropped crab ass nigga,go run back 2 da Birdman,o i forgot he down wit da RU too,haha

  5. fuck buck his bitch ass was cryin 2 50 on the phone then gone go back and say he still cool with game em 50 the hottest nigga out and fuck lil wayne

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