“Young Buck vs. G-Unit?”

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By: Rizoh

       Gather ‘round G-Unit stans, things just ain’t the same for your favorite faux gangstas. Word on the street is that Young Buck fired off some anti-G-Unit shots at a recent music concert. According to spywitness over at a Black Wallstreet blog, Buck specifically said “F**k G-Unit, Cashville Records is the new Unit!” at radio station 107.9 FM’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta.

      Buck Marley supposedly took the stage after The Game’s performance in front of over 20,000 people, but it hasn’t been confirmed that Game was directly involved in the saga.  

      The folks at BlackWallstreet Blog are alleging that YB’s outburst stemmed from angst at 50’s purported $400 million cash-in from Glaceau Vitamin Water. Glaceau, which manufactures 50’s Formula 50 vitamin water, was recently bought by the Coca-Cola company for $4.2 billion. Buck and the rest of the G-Uniters were left behind on the deal, claims the BWS blog, despite being a part of 50’s marketing campaign.  Maybe Buck is simply fed-up with 50’s own “F**k G-Unit” campaign.

      The G-Unit General has been lashing out at his underlings a lot lately. After Buck disclosed to Hot 97 FM’s Angie Martinez that he had spoken to The Game—50 Cent’s nemesis—over the phone, 50 dashed to Hot 97 to say that he now “holds Young Buck in the same space as The Game.” Strangely, Curtis did a 360 on his statement in the June issue of VIBE, saying: “In no way do I hold him in the same regard as Game.”

      In the same VIBE interview, Fif barked: “I’ll fire everybody. I don’t give a f**k. They’re capable of all their responsibilities, but when they start slacking, they gotta get the f**k outta here.”

      G-Unit has been dead on the charts for a while, but is this the end of the Unit as we know it?


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