Young Dolph Flexes Effortlessly On “Blue Diamonds”

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The Memphis standout brags differently.

When you’re a man of Young Dolph’s stature, money isn’t viewed as a worry — it’s a key to unlock an enviable lavish lifestyle. While a fair amount of hip-hop content revolves around celebrating one’s wealth, doing so in a clever way is an art unto itself. It’s like Jay-Z said in his book, Decoded, “But even when a rapper is just rapping about how dope he is, there’s something a little bit deeper going on. It’s like a sonnet, believe it or not. Sonnets have a set structure, but also a limited subject matter: They are mostly about love.” 

On Young Dolph’s latest single, “Blue Diamonds,” the Memphis standout flexes effortlessly as he spits confidently about his trappings of success. The new single was also released alongside an official music video.

Watch Dolph’s “Blue Diamonds” below: