Young Thug And Future Tease New Music

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This is going to be good.

“Relationship” by Young Thug featuring Future off of the former’s Beautiful Thugger Girls was a standout track from Thug’s self-described “singing album”. The two’s styles play well together due to their hypnotizing voice contortion abilities, yet their sounds are so unique and easily distinguishable. Well, it looks we have another Thugger x Future collaboration on the way.

Today, Young Thug snap chatted a snippet of what’s presumed to be their newest joint track. The video shows Future vibing out to the Richie Souf-produced song in the most Future way possible: wielding fistfuls of cash and throwing them once Thug sings, “This money turn me on!”, which comes in perfectly over Souf’s bass drop.

Simply put, from this brief preview, Thug and Future’s unreleased song sounds incredible. I for one can’t wait to hear the real thing.

Check out Thug’s snap below: