50 Cent Monetizes The Hate

 |  October 25, 2010

Ha!  50 has his business right.  Below is his trademark certification of the name and likeness of G-UNOT.  So if Game wants to diss him at all using that terminology, he is going to have to write Mr. Jackson a check.  Game actually tried to trademark the term in 2005, but that claim was abandoned in 2007.  Below is 50’s certificate of ownership.  Notice how it says Jackson, Curtis as the owner of the trademarked term.  Spotted at The United States Patent And Trademark Office.


  • Urboyo

    This is the bullshit50 spends his money and time on focusing on dumb shit like this. How about a hot track fif?

  • http://twitter.com/SamPattillo iHipHop Sam

    Gotta co sign your point