Am I Supposed To Think These Guys Are Cool?

 |  November 19, 2010

So I just got this Duke Da God video blasted to me.  Don’t you remember how much os a “movement” Dipset was?  I used to think all those guys were pretty cool.  Now I’m watching this video and a lot of these Dipset dudes are looking super washed up and bummy.  Plus as much as Freekey Zekey is an ingenious persona his music is absolutely terrible.  Plus Hell Rell is rapping about getting money and it’s just like #WeDontBelieveYou #YouNeedMorePeople.  It’s just crazy how quickly some people come and go in this game.  That being said this video is kind of funny to watch.

DukeDaGod ft Hell Rell, Freeky Zeekey & Sin City “D.I.P Agenda Ep.1”



  • Goldenera

    Actually I really dont remember dipset being a movement I dont know which world you are living in Sam. I remember Wu Tang being a movement. Shit ruff ryders was a bigger movement than dipset even g unit.