At Least Canada Believes Game Is A Blood

 |  April 22, 2011

According to TMZ, the reason Game was detained when going through customs in Canada was because Canadian officials believed he was a member of the Bloods street gang.  Substance Entertainment Group, the promotion company responsible for Game’s tentative Canadian tour informed the media that Game was denied entry into the country and detained “due to new information received that Game is affiliated with organized crime and is an active member of the Bloods street gang.”  This report does little to shed any Canadian stereotypes because Game isn’t a real Blood.  Apparently, Game will be released sooner than originally reported and deported back to the States.  Now we get to see that awful looking red Mohawk again…blame Canada.


  • Nigset

    “This report does little to shed any Canadian stereotypes”

    lol, What would that be?

  • Cool

    Serves him right! I hope the rest of these fake bangers/dealers learn something from this.

    I'd also like to know of these Canadian stereotypes you speak of.

  • jGerson

    it was just a joke about Canadians being stupid…shout out to all the Canadian readers, I'm just kidding.

  • Greensmoke101

    Blame Canada… Fuck that shit.