|  January 14, 2009


Damn I forgot to post this on Sunday when I first heard it, but word on the street is that Mya is knocked up. The father is her boyfriend of little over a year, Jared Najjar the son of billionaire real estate developer Lee Najjar. The couple are said to be happy with the news and it is unclear if they will be getting married, but it does look like Mya has caught herself a good one. Do I hear pre-nup?
Also rumors are circulating that Nas and Kelis are also pregnant with their first as are Ashanti and Nelly. I can believe it of Nas and Kelis, something to put an end to the constant rumors of them breaking up. Congrats all round

  • Loose Da Ceo

    Everyone thinks Mya is the one who got the good catch but Jared is actually the winner in the deal!!!!! Just look at her Damn. Well as long as she’s not one of those crazy you know whats. Know dat


    Damn I dreamed to be the first to lay my seed in her…

  • R.eEzy

    Hip-Hop Journalist, I must correct, incorrect info you have delivered to the public with this piece. Jared Najjar is not a billionaire real estate developer, his father “Lee Najjar” is the real estate developer. Further, his father himself is not a Billionaire.


    Mya is super hott!! And will always be one of my favorite singer in the world.

  • clinto757

    R.EEZY If You Read And Stop Criticizin You Would See That He Clearly Says Son Of Real Estate Developer It Doesnt Say He Is The Real Estate Developer

  • QueenBeee

    Well congratulations to all the couples mentioned in the article! Hopefully you do not do too much damage to their kids. LOL

  • R.eEzy

    I sent you a private email about the manner Clint… but I pose this questions to others on the site: Why in the black community is it observed as criticizing, when people correct others? Especially in a mature and respectful manner.