Why You Can’t Wife Up Halle Berry

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A lot of dudes might be crying themselves to sleep tonight…well not really.  I actually have to co sign her point on how the lack of a father figure messed her up.  So many girls with Daddy issues that are difficult to deal with out there.  She told The Sun:

  • “I wish I had known then that I was not the marrying kind. It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years.

    I made all the wrong choices when it came to love. I have been an idiot. But, now, it is like a gift to myself – seeing more clearly and making better decisions. One thing was unavoidable. My father left us when I was young and that did affect my life. If I had a good father in my life, growing up, then I do not think I would have made the mistakes I made. I would not have been lost in love.

    I would have had a good role model and known what to look for. As it is, I had to find out about marriage from the men I’ve married. I have done it twice and I am not going to do it again. The traditional form of marriage is not for me.



  1. Its a shame that such a beautiful woman would feel that way. Maybe the problem is that she was always with the wrong man, She was wit men that beat her and cheated on here, like for real dats halle berry. It is either another case of a beautiful woman with wrong man decisisons or maybe she jus like the wrong type of men . damn shame

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