Game said this to XXL:

I talk to Baby everyday. We been playing with the idea of going over to Cash Money or trying to marry that and Black Wall Street. So, we’ll figure it out before the end of the day. I definitely think that’s where I’ll probably end up. Cause they winning, they want to win and I been winning and want to continue to win.

I don’t really care about the Game part of this story.  The whole irony is that off all the crazy sh*t Birdman does and says the fact he talks to Game everyday is the oddest thing about him to me right now.  I just think the guy is rapidly over expanding and the Cash Money bubble will pop.  How is signing Game at this point in his career a sensible thing to do?  That seems like an even less redeeming investment compared to say I don’t know…buying an 8 Million dollar car?

The music business if f*cked.  It really is.  I just think that with the way Birdman spends money on his projects and on his lifestyle that the company that is giving him $100 Million dollar checks will inevitably stop writing them.  Especially if that money is going to sign artists that have already flunked under Jimmy’s Illumati.  You see both Interscope & Cash Money’s parent company is Universal Music Group.  A lot of the same triggers would end up being pulled.  All you have to do is look at Cash Money’s roster.  Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Shannell, Brisco, G. Malone, Jay Sean, Kevin Rudolf, Bow Wow, & DJ Khaled.  Too be honest I’m probably forgetting some people.  Do we need to add Game to that list?  In my humble opinion I would say no.  The fact that Birdman even thinks it’s a reasonable idea is not a good indicator.  So step it up Birdman.  I think he may be getting a little delusional.  If he really wants to be the #1 Stunna, he needs to understand Game isn’t the guy to get him there.

  • Doclovethis

    ok “SAM”, I'm really convinced now that you are a GAME hater 4 real.  You wrote articles saying that  (nonRapper) Lil B  and Waka FLoca are more entertaining than Game , which is completely false.  He's a better rapper, lyricist, and figure than most rappers  but you continue to hate on the mans Style.  NOw that he's saying he wants to be apart of Cash Money , you want to state that #1 Stunna is crazy.  Maybe you should look in the mirror and recongnize real Rap.  Since you seem to think Lil B and Waka Folca are actually rappers or entertainers that proves to me that wiriters like you are part ofthe reason Rap (hip-hop) is becoming to Sugar coded.

  • Byron T

    Real Talk, this Sam nigga I hear keeps puttin real niggaz on deck without puttin himself on check.

  • Alires88

    real talk sam is i hater!

  • yahhhhhhhhhhh

    lol you 3 are mad confused…

  • Methods0024

    Nah they are not confused Sam is the biggest hater out there, if it's not game, always hating on Em too, why he put out Bad meets Evil, is that a real good look for him, well guess what the ep was sick, and it's out selling everyone else in hip hop, what was that you said Eminem fans a dying breed, how could they be a dying breed when he still goes number 1, and really who gives a fuck if birdman signs game, it's a business which you know lil about hater

  • Space De Cashtronaut

    this sam nigga is one of the best writters in the blogusphere or whateva tha fucc. Dude writes like he talkin to somebody on his front porch…shits hilarious and his insight is always on point…nigga solid to me. Whats that nigga twitter

  • Herbalist Farmer

    game makes garbage music, birdman makes garbage music, perfect combo

  • Herbalist Farmer

    game makes garbage music, birdman makes garbage music, perfect combo