It was reported earlier this week that Cash Money Records founders Bryan “Baby” Williams and partner/brother Ronald “Slim” Williams are getting into the oil business. They’re calling it Bronald Oil. Because of how they’re combining their names together. Awesome! Baby even went out and tatted an image of an oil well upside his dome piece. Now that’s original.

As ignorant as they come off, I can’t really be mad at the Williams brothers. Them cats have been making mad money since 1997. There’s not many in the music game that’s still popping off like that for 13+ years. Other than Juvenille’s first single I’ve never been impressed with the type of music Cash Money has produced. 13 years ago, I would have never predicted the future explosion of southern rappers. And even if you gave me a crystal ball back then, I no doubt would have eff’d up in predicting Lil’ Wayne’s ascent to the top of this rap shit. So yes, major props to these cats for staying way ahead of the curve.

Rap labels have been diversifying their streams of income for some time now. Clothing, real estate, automotive, sports, alcohol and soft dranks, even dog kennels, all of that is old hat. Been there done that. Restaurants too. Although I’m still surprised whenever I bump into former establish record execs that I know, who are no longer in the game, because they’re too busy caking off food chains like Popeyes, KFC, and Wendy’s. A whole lotta cats that you might know of are currently heavy in the food  industry. Really.

This oil thing though,  that’s on that next level. If they pull this off, Cash Money will become my most favorite rap label ever. Not because of their music, I just said I never liked their shit. But because of how these on the surface ig’nant mother fuckers keep proving how stupid I am.

I do predict one thing. If Bronald Oil (can you even say “Bronald” with a straight face?) proves to be successful, the oil industry is ’bout to get real ghetto, real quick.

  • ihiphopsam

    That tattoo on his head really brings the company together.

  • Trevellp

    Man you clown ass niggaz always hatin on New Orleans Niggaz!!!! This ain't nothin new, we play dat ignorant shit because niggaz like you think yall so smart but always at the ass end of da race tryin to catch up….Sucka ass Nigga, get ya cake up, not ya hate up