Is Cash Money CEO Firing Jay-Z Shots In This Interview?

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Go to the 52:12 mark to hear his take on owning a whole product versus getting “1 percent” of one and acting the part. Video after the jump.

The Cash Money mogul goes on to insist “that’s the difference between us and them” which seems like a coded way of implicating other so-called owners as frauds and middle men. There’s no explicit indication of Roc Nation funny business but the history of beef between CMR and Jay Z’s millions is well-documented and often-rapped.

For once, it seems the outright criticism of Jay’s ascent to power is hinged on a real difference in philosophy, instead of just unsubstantiated hate. Does Slim have a valid stance in proclaiming that he’ll never take more money if it’s not a stake he owns? Could be. Jay is tied up in so many lucrative deals that it may not make a difference to the average fan, though. Ronald “Slim” Williams has mostly been a great behind-the-scenes figure, content to play the silent partner as brother, Brian “Birdman” Williams, adds verse after painstaking verse to Lil Wayne songs. So it’s at least mildly surprising that he’s taking to his soapbox to preach the virtues of independent wealth. All the same, it’s an open challenge to Jay Z’s strategy, as the rich rapper who owns parts of things for short periods of time.

What do you think…is this another veiled Jigga attack?