Birdman Signs Florida’s T.Rone To Cash Money Records

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The ever-expanding roster has just been expanded once more. 

Cash Money has a new employee, and he goes by the name of T.Rone. The record deal is actually a joint venture between Cash Money and T.Rone’s Brooklyn Knights imprint.

The native of Duval County’s claim to fame is his crossover hit, ‘Hello Love (F.U.)’ which got major spins down in Mami.

The obligatory Lil Wayne-assisted single should be coming up sooner than you think.


  1. Wow, great news!!! Another wack auto tune lame sing song rappers signs to Trash Money. We can look forward to more wack radio play materialistic, misoginistic, corny hook, radio friendly , bad singing singles featuring weasle Weezy. Birdman can add to his depreciating collection of cars and jewelry. Happy, happy, joy, joy! CD will come with barf bag for all true hip hop fans.T.Rone, here today, gone 2morrow Cash Money tax write off as a future loss. Don’t worry Future, your still trash, but this dude is even worse. You’ll still get all the hip hop auto tune “love ad affection”. Sorry T-Pain, at least your rich already and if you go broke you can sell your “Big Ass Chain”.

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