I love a girl with a fatty but recently Nicki`s minaj butt looks bigger than ever. I dont know if it grew naturally, some sort of booty pad or injections but its starting to look like she has a diaper back there.

  • Wendell

    asian dudes got small dicks. dey need some dick implants yo.

  • Sangsung

    i cant fuck asses like that because the ass so big it take away 4 inches when u hittin it from the back so after that u only got like 2 inch of dick left to hit it with

  • Smokin420live420

    I love a phat ass, and I love Nicki's ass but, stylezz is right. One angle looks like she took a huge shit ina diaper.

  • Alex in Miami :)

    Looks like a thick, beautiful, phat, soft, round ass to me. I dont “get” niggaz now a dayz. Nikki Minaj is jack off worthy!!lmao!!!