|  March 31, 2009


After UK tabloid The News of the World reported that Kelly Rowland was dropped from her label home, Columbia, Rob Stringer CEO of the label has issued a statement in regards to the wide spread rumors that circulated the net yesterday. “Kelly Rowland is one of our finest contemporary artists and a musical force to be reckoned with,” he said in a press release yesterday. “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Kelly and we will continue our working relationship with her under the Destiny’s Child moniker. The decision for Kelly to seek other opportunities for her solo career was agreed upon mutually, and any reports to the contrary are false.”
Kelly is looking to take her career in different directions having parted ways with her management and now label. But anyone who thinks this chick doesn’t have a home to head to now she is out from under the Columbia umbrella needs to check themselves as being with the Knowles family for so long, one thing is for sure, Kelly Rowland has to have learned how not to play herself.