Did Jay-Z Forget He Is A Rapper?

 |  April 18, 2011

Dear Jay-Z,

I know you are busy being fancy.  Just hustling people into buying sh*tty yet expensive champagne, starting lifestyle websites that are more geared towards rich people as opposed to hip-hop fans, and now collaborating with U2.  However, I wanted to remind you that you are a rapper.  Do some rapper sh*t.  Call someone out for being corny, maybe rent a yacht or something.  All I know is that you are better than this.  No shots at U2.  Hov and the Irishmen have dominated their respective genres.  That doesn’t mean they have to collab.  Word to Fred Durst & Method Man.

Sidebar: So this song was recorded live while U2 and Jay were on tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Sidebar 2: Sweet blue sunglasses Bono.  Sh*ts weak!

U2 ft Jay-Z “Sunday Bloody Sunday”



  • Skylinefashions

    Stop ur hating Ihiphop.. i don't care who he collabs with Jigga will always be Rap God.. yall aint got nothing to do but hate on people that are relevant.. please stop ur whining.. Jigga please keep doing what ur doing !!

  • Thatguy

    Sam's a hater, always is, always will be. If an article is posted by Sam, expect bias and hate from the post.