Eminem Breaks 18-Year-Old Concert Attendance Record

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During the final leg of his 2019 Rapture Tour in New Zealand.

In 2000, Eminem changed the way that we view fandom by introducing a moniker for the most obsessive supporters: a “Stan”. The protagonist of his The Marshall Mathers LP hit track, Stan–a troubled 20-something who believed in the fatalistic union of him and his idol–employed sociopathic tendencies regarding fetishizing Eminem, manifesting as stalker, delusion qualities.

19-years-ago, Eminem reimagined what it means to be a “super fan”. 19-years-later, and “Stan” has over 215MM Spotify streams and over 233 YouTube views; it is officially included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Given this stalker personification, it’s fitting that Eminem himself would go on to earn one of the most loyal, diehard fan bases in music–evidenced by being one of the highest-selling artists in music history. On Saturday night (March 2nd), Em furthered his legacy by breaking the attendance record at WestPac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand.

An 18-year-old achievement set by pop-star Robbie Williams, Eminem attracted a stunning 46,474 attendance, compared to 42,500 Williams performance. Perhaps more, or equally, impressive is that this was WestPac Stadium’s fastest concert sell-out. Em’s record-breaking show was the final leg of his 2019 Rapture Tour; he was joined by Boogie, Royce Da 5’9, and Australian hip-hop group The Hilltop Hoods.

At 46-years-old with over 26-years industry experience, Eminem is still out here further cementing himself in musical lore by demonstrating that he can pack out an arena like none other.

Watch some of his performance by hitting play on the video below: