BeyonceThis whole alter-ego thing going on with Beyonce for her album due out on Novemeber 18th, are we really buying into this crap marketing campaign? We saw Mary J Blige try it three years ago when she released Breakthrough, her alter ego who did a lil rapping was Brook-Lynn or some nonsense, but at least Mary knew who to listen to when it came down to it…her fans who only wanted Mary basically.

This I am ….Sasha Fierce tip which Bey is on is taking things a little too extremes. How many artists have done the two albums, two persona thing already? Quite a lot really. Perhaps Mrs Carter is indeed trying a new approach to music after seeing her crown be ripped off her weave and placed on the head of the new icon of style Rihanna. But this dual disc attack on the charts is nothing new and to be honest it implies that if the fans don’t like the new Beyonce or Sasha or whoever she is trying to be on the uptempo CD then they can fall back and listen to the old Beyonce.

What happened to just one CD of hot hot music? Daddy Knowles says they ‘thought outside of the box with this project and came up with something different.’ I am just interested to know what that ‘different’ is.
sasha fierce cover