Game Continues To Act Corny

 |  July 25, 2011

Game is confusing attention with being entertaining.  Waka Flocka is entertaining.  Lil B is entertaining.  Game is just corny and annoying.  AHH catches up with Game so that he can validate his actions and explain how he is dropping yet another free mixtape since it doesn’t look like that many people are interested in buying Game music.

AHH: Uncle Otis” has already been labeled a Jay-Z diss, a Kanye diss, a Big Sean diss, a Kreayshawn diss…  Where were you coming from creatively with this song?

Game: Man creatively I was just having fun. I know there are disses on there but I don’t want nobody to take it personal, its just last night we was in the studio having fun and I sort of took a page out of 50’s how to rob and it wasn’t nothing but fun and humor and we was in the studio laughing like a maf**ka.  So that’s all it is and that’s everywhere on the internet and some people hate me cause of it and some people love me but that’s how it goes, that’s Game every time.

AHH: Right, its entertainment.

Game: That’s one thing about Game is that when its time for my album, all jokes aside, I’ma go in. That’s my fucking s**tand that’s when I take hip hop seriously and ain’t no jokin’ around and no fu**in’ playing around on my album, s**tlike that and dissing. Its just playing like a shot in the dark with that “Uncle Otis” track.

I like to do my mixtapes like albums, put them in album format and make sure everything is sounding good from beginning to end, sorta put out a single with it. “Uncle Otis’ is the single off the Hoodmorning (no type)Mixtape called, Condoms and Corona, I stole a page out of the Hangover and I woke up in East LA in a house full of Latinas and a house full of bad Mexican b****s. Wit condom rappers and Coronas everywhere.


  • Jerptiyu

    ihiphop always hating on the game

  • tess

    its not ihiphops fault, its easy to hate on game. considering the level he was on when he dropped “the documentary” he has basically dropped off the face of the planet. both he and 50 not even the slightest bit relevant regardless how much money they got or who they collabo'n with

  • Infamous15214

    I don't think it's really that these cats fell off, 1-i think ppl are tired of seein them…i think if they took a break for a while they can come back good…Game lyrically is smashin but i think the dissin of hiphop is not the same which i'm like wtf b/cit's battlin….who's better? but keep throwin shots at da same person ALLLLL the time does get played