Game did an interview with MTV and admitted to losing a $1,000 bet to Dr. Dre. Game, who put his money on Peyton and the Colts tells MTV:

“I lost some money, man, I was going with the Colts, man — for no reason. The Saints or the Colts, that ain’t my team, man. I’d figured Peyton Manning wouldn’t disappoint in the Bowl, but he got his Jim Kelly on. He could have easily tied that game up. But [Manning] was outta the game. I know that face — it’s like that sick face n—as make when they knowing it’s a wrap. He couldn’t shake the face. He came out and played exactly how his expression was. He’s used to having it his way. [The Saints] came out there and did they thing, man.”

He also goes into how he and fellow rapper Stat Quo were talking about his career and the state of the game during halftime over at Dre’s house, saying:

“I was sitting outside of Dre’s house yesterday, me and Stat Quo. We was talking about my career and where he is with his and the people that were around that ain’t around. He was telling me, ‘N—a, you did the sh–, you went up against everybody,’ and we really right back here in Dre’s front yard talking at halftime of the game. [Stat] was going for the Colts too. He lost some money to Dre too — gotta throw him under the bus too. But yeah man, the way the life is and the way sh– happens, it’s crazy. But it’s a beautiful thing that a n—a is still existing in hip-hop and has the force to sell records.”

I think NahRight said it best, Game just wanted the world to know who’s house he was watching the Superbowl at…