|  February 5, 2009


In a recent interview you can hear at the end of the audio (around the 3 minute mark) that Game is siding with his nemesis 50 Cent in the Officer Ross beef that has the internet going crazy right about now. Funny as I was just saying in a recent post that when Game concludes his National Tour in NYC he has some major announcement to make…will he be waving an olive branch we wonder at his former label mates?

  • kairosrain

    these dudes should make peace and a new hit

  • missteeq

    good decision for game that he stop beefing with 50 ‘coz nobody mess up with mah 50.

  • puppetmaster

    game’s saving his life from misery. can’t stop 50 now…

  • Oigen

    Isn’t everyone already fed up with this dispute. What can they actually do to stop being boring? Maybe some hip-hop music, that’s what!

  • rockNroll1991

    make peace not war!

  • dhale

    game’s got no game if he’s backing down from beefing with fiddy!