There’s not many artists that beat a life sentence on surveillance camera in front of the world…I’m the first and probably the last to do that,” remarks Gunplay while explaining why he is worthy of the title “Living Legend.”

In this exclusive interview, iHipHop sits down with Maybach Music’s very own Gunplay to discuss his legal issues, his controversial Swastika tattoo, his forthcoming debut album, fake rappers, what profession he would have chosen if he had not become a rapper, what rappers inspired him growing up, and more.

  • nana

    Loving his points of view. Seems like an insightful niggah!

  • yuta

    It’s true you know. He’s the last and first to be able to do that.

  • counting

    I do hope he’s the last! I hate to be out on the streets having all of these people who should be serving life sentences running around!