Bey season is here, but her label execs aren’t convinced that it will last past this week. Ouch. According to Page Six, Columbia executives are apprehensive about the success of her upcoming album, 4, which has led to a discussion about a Destiny’s Child reunion.

“Beyoncé’s career has stalled a bit,” a source told us. “Columbia seems to think they can get some mileage out of a comeback record with all of the girls.” Another source tells us Destiny’s Child could start recording together as early as October, with a suggested album title “Family Reunion.”

Damn! Even the executives don’t have faith in her album. Her single, “Girls (Run The World),” has not been doing that well on the charts. Even Kelly Rowland is doing better, which also raises some questions. One of them being: Why would Kelly agree to sing back-up when her solo effort is doing well for her career?

There has been no confirmations:

A Columbia rep told us, “All I know is that the record came in . . . Nothing was ever discussed to change it.” Beyoncé’s rep said, “All of this is completely untrue. All of it.” Rowland’s rep didn’t get back to us.

Beyonce is too big of an artist to flop. Her album may not be number one, but she’s still is Beyonce. I think it’s kind of harsh that everyone is getting on board in this Beyonce bashing fest, but they could be onto something. Well chin up, Bey! Not every album has to be number one.

On that note, check out her latest.

Beyonce “Schoolin’ Life”