There is a rumor circulating that Kelly Rowland is in fact the illegitimate child of Matthew Knowles which is why she has always fallen under the radar when it comes to Beyonce and even lil girl lost Solange. The rumor came from the mouth of a fave with the House of Dereon, former Hot 97 Morning Show host Miss Jones who is known for her gripes with Mamma Knowles and Beyonce.
In a recent blog entry Jonesy goes INNNNN on Matty Knowles saying “But Matthew has been unfair to Kelly from the gate in regards to her career. I guess this is his way of winning favor with Tina Knowles for having this out of wedlock child so long ago? And even convincing Tina to allow his lovechild from another to move into the Knowles abode? And bringing this memory of infidelity into Golden Child Beyonce’s Girl Group? Next time just jerk off in the mirror Matthew because you’re ruining lives AND careers!” Wow how is that for TUFF TALK THURSDAY. You can always guarantee a chick will be more gutter with the talk than a dude and get real grimey…way to go Miss Jones…even though I don’t believe for one second Pappa Knowles is Kelly’s Pops.