It’s Not Looking Good For the Canes

 |  August 17, 2011

Man the University of Miami is getting more press they know what to do with. Too bad coverage has next to no hope for a happy ending. Former U of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro allegedly dolled out improper gifts to over 70 of the school’s past and present football players from 2002 to 2010. The bonuses aren’t small infractions like dropping a couple bucks here and there. Nevin provided hookers, parties and tons of other perks the Canes seemingly enjoyed while their program gradually tanked.

The embedded video from Sports Illustrated does make a point suggesting it takes years for the NCAA to investigate schools running shady practices benefiting their players. Moreover, the NCAA doesn’t base its penalties on precedent.You can still bet the school’s football program may face huge setbacks if Shapiro’s claims add up. The following video gives a brief heads up but be sure to check out Yahoo Sports’ extensive report by Charles Robinson on this developing story. It’s lengthy but it reportedly goes well in detail about the storm Shapiro brewed for eight years. The kicker really lies in his words from the Yahoo article.

“ ‘I did it because I could,’ he said. ‘And because nobody stepped in to stop me.’ ”

What’s worse is the guy is behind bars for playing a major part in a $930 Million ponzi scheme. I guess he figures he has nothing to lose or there’s an odd chance he’s full of it. Nevertheless, program shakedowns like this just go to show the NCAA isn’t as “pure” as it suggests. I’ve long held plenty of programs big and small got dirt on their recruiting practices; they just haven’t been found yet. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me if more institutions get called out in the years to come.


Nevin Shapiro, right, pictured with former Miami Hurricanes Football Player Kellen Winslow in 2003. Picture from Yahoo Sports.