Juelz Out On Bail…Speaks On The Situation

 |  February 3, 2011

It was revealed yesterday that Juelz was locked up and put on 125K bail.  As I predicted the cops are just trying to throw him under the bus for no reason.  Some weed carrier gets caught with drugs in a Juelz’s studio and the thirsty NJ cops wanted a high profile arrest so they decided to force charges on Juelz.  Whack!  Although Juelz seems pretty confident he is going to be able to beat the case.  it’s just such a pain to deal with cases, especially when it is a unnecessary forced case.  Notice how Juelz goes out of his way to clarify how he was “good” in prison.  Rappers…smh.

Juelz Santana Talk Arrest With Angie Martinez