Juelz Santana’s Goon Attacks JoJo Simmons

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Over the weekend, one of Juelz Santana’s goons, Hynief, was photographed attacking JoJo Simmons.  The situation was a result of JoJo’s diss record “Holy Water” which is aimed at Juelz Santana, as a response to Juelz’ name dropping JoJo on the track “Soft” from his latest mixtape, God Will’n.

On “Holy Water,” JoJo raps, “Now how you gonna mention my uncle Russell, then disrespect his nephew/The industry forgot you, f*cker, you nothing special/Piss in a test tube, like Jigga, they can’t knock the hustle/These n*ggas hate to love you/Simmons will not let you/Compare your money to my uncle, that’s just disrespectful

Skull Gang member Hynief clearly took offense to these lyrics as he was seen yoking up JoJo in photographs taken in Queens on the set of one of JoJo’s homie’s music videos.

JoJo has since responded in a YouTube video which you can see below where he admits that he is not accustomed to street violence and that he is too busy ‘counting money and f*cking b*tches‘ to respond violently…