Kobe Bryant recently did a photoshoot for the LA Times where he was dressed in some all-white outfits.  Words can’t describe what I’m thinking right now other that these pics aren’t helping his legacy. His teammates have similar reactions, but the classic is Derek Fisher asking the reporter if these were “real pictures”.  Anything white seems to be kryptonite to his image.  Please laugh and enjoy as I have:

  • methods0024

    Who cares what he wears and is this picture really going to have a impact on his legacy, I'm suprised you even put this shit on Ihiphop.com really, what the fuck does kobe wearing a white outfit have to do with hip hop, looks like its almost time to find another site, you guys head line stories about groupie video whores, where the fuck are your priorities?

  • Shaan

    Sports is a part of Hip-Hop culture. Hell, Kobe used to be a rapper! Can't speak on the other stories, but for some strange reason alot of people read them. Plenty of hip-hop on here though; more than most sites.

  • methods0024

    Sports is link to hip-hop as athlete's with money get bored and think they can make music, look at shaq that was halarious, atleast melo doesn't try to rap he just sign's rappers, but still you have not shown me a connection between kobe poses for pictures is linked to hip-hop, I like combat jack, he writes good articles, but some of the other shit sucks

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