jay-z-and-bill-gatesI read this Gawker article yesterday, written by this Hamilton Nolan clown. Titled  ‘Enough With The Jay-Z  Fetish’, Nolan demands that anyone who likes Jay-Z as an artist should “get off Jay-Z’s dick”. Says Jay’s “not a role model” nor “a hip hop hero.”  The fuck? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but since when was Gawker ever in a position to critique about anything Hip Hop related? Last time I checked, Gawker was supposed to be “The source for daily Manhattan media news and gossip” as it once billed itself. Last time I checked, Gawker represented itself as the All White Everything version of New York. Please be clear that I’m not writing this as a pro Jay-Z post, I’ve got my own issues with the “European Hov” of late, but coming from a lilly outfit like Gawker boldly minimizing the contributions Jay’s made to Hip Hip and to new American culture,  I kind of feel a ways about it.  In my best Madd Rapper voice, who the fuck is Gawker and Hamilton Nolan to be commenting on Jay-Z and Hip Hop?

I guess the fact that we’re living in the age of a “post racial” America has afforded any types of fool the cojones to speak reckless.  Them Tea Baggers and Birthers, them I can tolerate as one knows from the gate from where they stand, they wear what they’re about on their sleeves, and on their holsters. That kind of white has always been crazy. This Nolan cat is that other kind, the ones that create a contrived foundation of knowledge about what they speak of. I’ve never met, nor heard of Hamilton Noland before his loud anti Shawn Carter proclamation, but I already know why. It’s obvious in his piece that dude just decided to play like he’s down with this. Off the gate he drops “hard” about his feigned knowledge of  this culture with “GOD DAMN KIDS TODAY DON’T EVEN APPRECIATE Illmatic.”  Oh word son? You had to let the world know you’ve heard about Nas’ one classic album? That shit might pass and be cute up in them Hamptons parties as you impress your milquetoast peers with all that “rap jazz” talk of how “extensive” your Hip Hop collection is, and how God’s Son ethered Jigga. There you prolly come off as some Last Samurai on that braving the hood Tarzan schtick, on these here Internets you might could get called out for them shenanigans.

Adding insult to this hack’s injury, Nolan continues to authoritatively blather about the current state of our culture. Immediately following his strategic “Illmatic” reference with how he chopped it up with rapper M-1 of dead prez fame, he gushes in describing M-1 as ” the single most non-hypocritical rap group in America, the closest thing to a modern-day Public Enemy.”  In less than a paragraph and a half, dude drops Nas, dead prez and Public Enemy. Reminds me kind of how some cats try to pull that “Blacker than thou” trick in order to validate their existence. I never liked that shit coming from Black.  From white, that bull shit is infuriating. Quoting M-1, Nolan writes:

“What happened to hip hop was the use of capitalism in hip hop. I was listening to EPMD the other day, and Parrish said—I don’t want to misquote him—but he said, “And I still don’t see one rapper living comfortably.” Things have changed since that time. We have found artists who have developed the capitalist mold into their way of thinking. Artists have even shifted from the artistry to how well you can make money. That really shows how good of an MC you can be. So if you come on the scene, and you are seen as someone who can be influential and knows how to turn capital over, then generally you can speak the language of hip hop. That’s why Jay-Z has found affluence, and Young Jeezy, the moneymaking aspect of it. To me, that’s the poison. That’s the poison in it, is the indoctrination of capitalism. Not to say we don’t need people to understand the business of making money; but the model wasn’t Marcus Garvey—the model became people like Rockefeller. And Scarface. And all them. So, yea.”

That’s always been M-1’s position about the commercialization of the game, he’s been saying that ever since ‘Let’s Get Free’.  Don’t play like you just discovered America B. You trying to apply that ole trusty divide and conquer trick is see through. Plus, I think you should know that the “d” and the “p” in dead prez ain’t supposed to be capitalized. Dick.

This dweeb, writing from the behind the weak brand that is Gawker, doesn’t stop at attacking today’s New York Yankees Jay, he also feels emboldened enough to discredit the Jay-Z of past, belittling a major chunk of Jigga’s body of work.   “I never loved Jay-Z’s last eight albums or so” he nonsensically brags. ‘BP3’ , ‘American Gangster’ and ‘Kingdom Come’, I might could understand, but going back a full eight albums or so would also have to include ‘The Black Album’, ‘The Dynasty: Roc La Familia’ and of course ‘The Blueprint’. Hamilton, are you claiming that your hood pass is so thorough that you never loved anything about ‘The Blueprint’? He also writes “Hey cool kids, you can’t idolize Jay-Z and Dead Prez at the same time.” Like different forms of rap shouldn’t exist. Or like Jay and dead prez never recorded that ‘Hell Yeah’ (Pimp The System) Remix’ together. Comeonson.

I guess the real thing that irks me about this poo putt is that cats like him are paid and allowed to write inane shit like this, and from a position of influence (to some), with no types of concern as to whether he’ll get called out for the fraud he is.  Like he’s can’t be held accountable for publishing with no regard.  I say this loud and clear, Hamilton Nolan is a  fraud. And he’s playing with the currency that is my culture. And right here on these Internets. I’m so looking forward to the moment when I will call him so to his face.  Again, this ain’t about Jay, it’s about discrediting things that you have no business discrediting. It’s about how cowards weakly manipulate the media to fit a pathetic paradigm they’d love to wish into reality. It’s about perpetrating the fraud, playing like you’re a part of something when ever other word you write demonstrates you don’t really respect this. It’s about having your lame ass being held accountable for blatant transgressions like this. We’ve seen your kind before. Get the fuck outta here with that weak ass shit. I’m looking for you Hamilton Nolan.

It’s bigger than Hip Hop. Shots fired. Blaow!




  • http://pleasedontstare.com/ Benhameen

    As always excellent writing sir.

  • http://twitter.com/Aqua174 Alvin aqua Blanco

    I still can't get over the irony of the name dead prez (Dead Presidents, wonder if Nolan is familiar with the term) and that EPMD stands for Erick and Parrish Making Dollars. And saying/typing that liking Jay-Z and dead prez is mutually exclusive is just asisine. Weak sauce commentary and shots at the culture like that Gawker garbage is why I started writing in the first place. Too many outsiders with lack of respect and knowledge telling people nonsense and the ignorant soaking it up. Ish like that can't slide in 2010.

  • http://danjlovesthe90s.wordpress.com/ DANJ!

    That's why it's 'the gawker'… people get to gawk into this shit then think they're qualified to write about it without REALLY knowing their shit. It's one of those 'I'm so much more hip-hop and conscious' things that look to criticize anyone not on the same exact line of thinking. I mean, if dude doesn't care for Jay's music, that's one thing. But this whole thing about trying to say whether Jay is or isn't hip-hop because he doesn't adhere to what HE deems hip-hop is some ol' elitist shit. And all the while, as you've prob'ly correctly assessed, he comes off as the type who just got up on it a minute ago his damn self.


  • mrblofish

    dude u r still a problem….please continue….the beauty of possessing a rose lies in the care you take avoiding the thorns….

  • Luc

    ”I never loved Jay-Z’s last eight albums or so” he nonsensically brags. ‘BP3′ , ‘American Gangster’ and ‘Kingdom Come’
    There is no reason why he would have liked Jay previous eight albums because those albums did not speak nor were they made for him. Jay made those albums for the working class and grinders of African descent.
    What is interesting though is that the only reason this guy can put such analysis forth is because Jay-Z's attempt at becoming a pseudo-European bourgeois. Hamilton took upon himself to play gatekeeper for the “All white everything about NY” thus rejecting Jay-Z attempt to enter the crowd.
    I feel no sympathy for Jay-Z though nor do I think we should even defend him…Remember OJ (who quickly assimilated to the European ways only to be charged steep fees for faking the funk).
    White racist individuals, no matter how much they smile with you, will always pull the rug from under Black individuals that forget their place.