Memphis is pretty on point in this interview.  I still think it’s funny that Bleek was up at MTV trying to do an interview about his upcoming album The Process, but obviously no one cares about that.  They just want to hear him talk on the Beane Sigel & Jay beef. Quote jacked from Dre.

  • My thing is, what’s the purpose? You said all you had to say. You said you wasn’t gonna say no more until Jay called you. He ain’t call. Everything you said ain’t adding up. It becomes a point, what are you doing it for? Are you doing it to get you a deal? Are you doing it to get you hot, doing it to get you back on the radio? That’s all I wanna know. Anybody knows if you come at Hov, you’re not stopping his movement. C’mon, it’s stupid. We been there before. We seen this movie. I hate to elaborate on it, because it’s like I’m breathing life on a situation that really don’t need no life to it.



  • S.Mayor Zoe 4 Life

    Fuck Jay and da dick rider Bleek!! last as heard bleek got rob down in Bk!!
    I feel Bean !! Don”t let da nigga get out da game we da crown !!! fuk da Media !!
    Its Da Street da Crown Rapper !! not MTV Buster!! Where did Hip hop was Born !
    I guess for u fool at Ihiphop it must be at MTV!! Fuk nigga!!

  • iHipHop

    The Broadstreet Bully